Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter wandeltocht

We also have Monday off for Paasdagen (1st and 2nd days of Easter). I had some time on my hands, so on the Web I found the Geert Dilling Wandeltocht 2009. This morning I biked over to this annual Alkmaar event and registered for the 10 kilometer. A "wandeltocht" is a walking tour or hike through nature areas, forests and dunes along the seaway, and we have many all around us. It was sunny and warm, and I even found a few people to walk with to practice my Dutch, ha!

Sunday I went for a run through Kennemer Park along the canals, everything is bursting out and smells wonderful. I had to stop a few times just to sniff some of the bright yellow and white blooming bushes. Baby ducklings are everywhere, following their mamas through the reeds, it's all quite cute. Thought I'd see a film on Saturday evening, Grand Torino with Clint Eastwood didn't look interesting at first, but turned out to be terrific. Clint taking the "active nonviolence" idea to the extreme it could be argued.

Between the movie and the wandeltocht I did a research project on a new song I've decided to tackle. Malle Babbe is well known song in Holland and about a lady in the 16th century, as painted by famous Dutch portrait painter Frans Hals in 1630. It took hours over two days to comprehend what this was all about, as their is little known about Malle Babbe and Lennaert Nijgh (interesting person) wrote two versions for two different artists.


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