Saturday, December 16, 2006

Now appearing near you!

We have Web Cams here on the University of Rochester campus that run 24/7 in two places I frequent daily. This spawned the brilliant idea of doing a campus cam appearance for family and friends back home, for no other reason than to "just say hi!" So, there I was on November 18 at 12 noon EST, after notifying everyone via email two weeks before, standing in view of these Web Cams waving wildly at the robotic lens as it swiveled around in my direction.

The first stop was Wilson Commons, a huge four story atrium housing the student center, lounges, restaurants and conference rooms, where I stood on the "Hi Mom Balcony" pointing out such U of R attractions as "The Pit," "The Flags" and "Residence Quad." Then I walked a few 100 ft. over to the Eastman Quadrangle, pacing in front of the stately Rush Rhees Library. All this time I was talking to my Mom and my brother Dan and his family on my cellphone, explaining the history and activities associated with each of the views.

It was a riot... and the whole thing worked out well!

I had a chance to do a preview with my sister Vicky and her husband Dave—2,500 miles away in Sonoma, CA—the week before, which was just as fun and also helpful in preparing for the scheduled appearance. Vicky took these shots of me with the website's camera button located at the lower/left corner of the cam screen and kindly sent them to me.

If you missed "it," below are the links to the two Web Cams. The Rush Rhees Library on the Eastman Quadrangle is that big, domed building you see when you access the cam's page by the same name. You might be advised to read the instructions on using the cams on the right side of the page. Everyone I talked to later seemed to enjoy the show and I plan on doing a repeat appearance Christmas Eve, same time, same station.

Wilson Commons Web Cam:
(Another place I hangout at when I'm hungry or want a change of atmosphere).

Eastman Quadrangle Web Cam:
(I cross this area several times a day on my way to the office, libraries and events).