Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strangest dream last night

Had the strangest dream:

I'm standing in the white, graveled driveway of our house in Cedar Grove. Those bright red, double garage doors at my back and our old, dark green, mid-1950's Buick Century in front of me with the hood open, and there's Dad standing right next to it...

(If any of you remember, back then the "old Buick" had been set aside when Mom and Dad bought Otto and Lydia Frisk's newer model Chrysler. I got the idea one day, when I was around 17 or 18, that it would be cool if the Buick was my car. Dad said ok, and we spent the better part of an afternoon one summer trying to get it started. The battery was dead, of course, so Dad pushed me in the Buick with his Ford pickup for miles down Mace Road, attempted to push-start the engine. Well it never happened... we ended up having to push the old Buick all the way back home, and there it sat 'til we moved to Placerville.)

...So, back to the dream. There's the old Buick sitting there with the "hood now down" and Dad facing me, with his trademark closed-lip smile, very calm and patient, just looking at me. We've finally fixed the old Buick! There's this quiet sense of accomplishment in both of us, as we stand leaning up against this now reignited, classic automobile. I had been waiting along time for this day and I say to Dad, "Well, Dad, when you promised to help me get the old Buick started I'll bet you never thought it would be at this time (meaning that he had come back to earth in order to fulfill his promise to me). We share a long awaited laugh.

Then Dad fades away, the old Buick disappears, and I'm left standing with this wonderful feeling -- the kind of feeling you have after spending a hugely pleasant day with your Dad. My next thought was, guess I brought Dad back just to help me finish off the work on the old Buick. But maybe there was more to it, maybe I just "needed to spend a little time with my Dad."