Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Berlin summer retreat

I have received a group photo that was taken on our Berlin retreat trip by our BVS Director Kristin...

We were staying just outside of Berlin in a resort area called Kladow, right on the Wannsee River (more like a lake) at Haus Kreisau. Haus Kreisau is a youth training/seminar center named after the “Kreisau Circle,” a group of church people in resistance during World War II (the place where they met in Poland, and the location of a former BVS project).

We also toured Berlin for a day and a half, went on one commercial tour and later up into the dome of the Reichstag (the German capitol building, and the one Hitler tried to destroyed before WWII). Visited many of the more popular sights like the Brandenburg Gate, 'the wall,' stood on top of Hitler's bunker, and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews.


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