Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekends with friends

Saturday before last, my friend John and I biked over 50 kilometer, to Egmond aan Zee (5 miles away) and on up through the Schoorl Duin (dunes). John took his son Willem with us on the back of his bike. Willem is a lot of fun to have around, we've spent hours together here at the office (have a big stack of drawings of dinosaurs and monsters). I'm getting quite close to his family, that has really been a blessing.

Last weekend was the "60's & 70's" music swap at our Stedelijk Museum. I met the guy who owns the Beatles Museum in Alkmaar. His name is Azing Moltmaker, and I talked with him for quite a while about how he got stated. He had some mock Beatle's jackets with him (the originals are in museums) and two Beatles dresses that girls in the Netherlands wore to concerts back then. He also owns George Harrison's jacket that George wore in the famous Abbey Road photo on the Beatles' White album.

Azing said he has the largest collection of Beatles' memorabilia owned by one person in the world -- the other two museums borrow their stuff from private collectors. He has also written more books (32) on the Beatles than anyone else. He was really cool, and gave me his business card; of which I'm going to send to my friend Peggy who loves music.

It was a nice day, and a holiday for us: Pinksterdag (Pentecost). Altogether that weekend I biked 65 kilometers, and ran and hiked another 10 kilometers... then slept 12 hours the next night, ha!


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