Sunday, April 13, 2008

You gotta' see this..

I had quite a laugh when several days ago I was surprised by this photo of Marion Schreiber, Françoise Pétremand and I, while thumbing through the Alkmaars Weekblad (a local weekly I pick up at our library). Marion is a retired English teacher from Austria and Françoise was the mayor of her hometown in France for 50 years. They were both here last week for our organization's annual three day European FOR conference, where I met both of them for the first time.

The evening that Marion arrived the three of us went out for dinner to a "gezellig" restaurant in the centrum called Sumangali (Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine). The owner came over to our table soon after we were seated and asked us if we would mind having our picture taken, as he "sometimes likes to use the photos for newspaper ads." Of course, I never thought I would really ever see the photo that the restaurateur took of us that evening and, as such, just forgot about the incident...

until now, ha! The food was very good, interesting, the service excellent, and this is certainly one of my favorite restaurants in Alkmaar.


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