Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's been a little chilly

I've heard from friends at Plymouth Gardens (this is the apartment building where I was living in Rochester, NY) about them receiving the computers I had promised. Months before I left, I had been working with Time-Warner Cable to have two decrepit computers in their activities room replaced. The company's Internet Technology department finally said they would do it, but not until fall. Well, the other day they delivered two, brand new "Dell OptiPlex 745" systems with Windows XP Professional installed and cabled Internet. No kidding!

Mom asked me what I saw in the sky here. I have a skylight over my bed, so I can look up at night and see stars. That is on a clear night, of which we don’t have many of here, ha! One interesting thing, though, is that looking out my rear view, which is a large floor to ceiling patio door/window set, on any overcast night, there is a very bright, orangish glow across the northern horizon. I wasn’t able to figure out what this ominous presents was, thought it might be northern lights, until someone told me it was from the many "greenhouses" in North Holland.

A few Sundays ago it was so beautiful, after days of cold and rain, that I decided to take a bicycle ride to the ocean. The beach is 8 kilometers away, or less than 5 miles, and several bike paths lead there. I went the wide open spaces route along a canal to Bergen aan Zee. There were thousands of people out on the beach, playing in the water and eating in the restaurants that sat right on the beach -- eating out seems to be the thing to do! I took another route home through a wilderness preserve and the town of Bergen.

It was finally warm enough on that day that I could wear a Tee-shirt and shorts again! Yes, "it's been a little chilly" since I arrived; the good news is it never gets below the 20s F., or above the 80s F. in the summer.


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