Friday, September 08, 2006

Activism on campus

Today I attended "Activities Day" here on the University of Rochester campus. I visited the information table of one of Professor Ebenhack's students, Patrick, a likable guy that come's through my office once a week on his way to see Ben (Professor Ebenhack) in the adjoining office.

I like Patrick and have been talking to him about his "alternative energy" ideas. The table was also setup and attended by two of our volunteer students, Mary Ellen and Kean, who are great people and work with us on projects. Patrick has started a local Engineers For A Sustainable World club here on the UR campus and is about to debut his club website as part of his commitment to the parent organization. All three of us were together here in the office a few hours after our staff lunch meeting and I told them I would checkout their setup.

One hundred and fifty tables were setup by clubs and organizations, all trying to attract their share of sign-ups, with music, dance performers and acrobatics thrown into the mix.

I had a great time just working my way through the crowd and witnessing the potpourri of actvism. One table hosted by a group of female students was promoting something about "coed nudity on campus..." I said it was a potpourri. I kept my focus on finding Patrick's table, though, as I had some AHEAD Energy Corp. literature that I wanted to get to him for display. Finally towards the end of my search I saw the cast aluminum, electric current generating, windmill with the odd shaped vanes that Patrick had borrowed from Ben just hours before sitting on the table. And behind that sat the ESW club members I was seeking.

I enjoy supporting anyone that's willing to champion a cause heading in the right direction—someone like Patrick, who is also President of the club.

Engineers For A Sustainable World (ESW)
Year Founded: 2006
Official Website: None
On-Campus Office: Ebenhack lab Gavet
President: Patrick Braun (2007)

Mission Statement: ESW is committed to offering students interested in development studies and engineering an opportunity to work with partner organizations to develop appropriate sustainable development projects.

ESW hopes to strengthen student involvment in the AHEAD project and the Rural Fellows programs through credit bearing projects. Also, we will work to promote sustainability within the University community. This will include our participation in the Aramark Farmers Market, ESW grant writing workshop and future events to come.

Campus Club Connection

I've always liked the streets, even when I lived in the 'burbs, and I done a lot of urban hiking back home. Most people didn't get it, but to me each hike was a poem that I would write in my head, as I walked along, seeing the faces and places of my community...


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