Thursday, February 02, 2006

"IC" Party Ideology

Is it really intelligent to totally approve of or dismiss any one political figure, party or issue? The probability is that there's some good and a little bad in everything. A new understanding of political thought is needed and could help solve today's pressing issues that are now being batted around by ineffective "butting head politics."

People that understand this concept do their homework and try to be "fair and balanced" when they research today's hot issues. They read, they listen, they mine the Web and hold the option to change their mind, like true scientists, if overwhelming evidence presents itself. They listen to Rush Limbaugh in the mornings and Air America Radio in the afternoons. They read articles from a number of media sources and political bents.

So for all those that scan the Web newswires of Independent Media Center, are not afraid to bounce over to Fox News, just in case they missed something, and realize it takes both sides of a wall to hold up a roof, I deliver to you the long awaited IC Party Ideology.

The IC (Intelligent Choice) Party's mission statement is "to elucidate, evolve and expand (the three Es of thought) political conscience using the FOOD FOR THOUGHT PYRAMID..."

             Issues, NOT politicians

         Be open to ALL points of view

Talk shows are called "SHOWS" for a reason

IC Party Founders Note:

I graduated from high school in June of 1967, the conclusion of the "Civil Rights Movement," the peaking of the "Counter Culture," the "Summer of Love," and the escalation of the "Vietnam War Protest." If beginning my adulthood during one of the most challenging and enlightening times in American history has taught me anything, it is NOT to trust 100% the word of government, the media or politicians and TO voraciously explore, read, listen, and then think and choose independently.

See ya' at the next pro-political rally, anti-war protest, or anything else controversial and/or comical making an appearance at the California State Capitol venue—I'll be the "non-partial, independant observer/reporter" up in front on the multi-terrain bicycle, donning bike helmet and sports gloves and taking note of all the celebs—I've even seen "Arnold" around there from time to time!

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